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Koningsstraat 29 | 1011 ET Amsterdam | T: 020-4233344 | Opening hours 17:00-22:30 | Closed on Mo/Tu/We


Welcome to Thai restaurant Me Naam Naam in the centre of Amsterdam.

In a warm ambiance you can enjoy our authentic Thai dishes that are served with a smile by our friendly Thai staff, dressed in Thai costumes.Thai restaurant Me Naam Naan is located in the centre of Amsterdam in the Koningsstraat 29, in a historical building dating back to 1604.

Recently we were chosen by TIME OUT to be serving one of he fifty best dishes of Amsterdam: fish in red curry.

We would be pleased to organise Thai catering for your party, celebration or corporate event.


On this page you will find our menus.

Me Naam Naan has an extensive menu with a large scale of authentic Thai dishes, varying from mild to spicy. The very spicy specialities are from Isaan, the northeast of Thailand.Thai restaurant Me Naam Naan has been awarded the Thai Brand award, Thai select award and the Thai pride award by the Thai government. Me Naam Naan is a member of the Thai Restaurant Association


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We provide Thai catering for your party at home or at another location, for a corporate event, shop opening, exhibition and any other occasion small or large. We have an exquisite and delicious variety of dishes to cater; ranging from Thai fried appetizers such as chicken sate, spring rolls and fish cakes, to a complete buffet with spicy and mildly spicy dishes. All dishes are freshly and carefully prepared by our chefs. If required, we can bring Thai waiters to wait on you, dressed in authentic Thai costumes and serving you with a smile. catering is famous for its excellent price/quality ratio, fresh home-made food, flexibility and service. We can offer a snack buffet from € 6.50 per person.

Feel free to request a catering tender without engagement.
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You can also add lustre to your party with Thai music, Thai dance and Thai fruit carving. For Thai dance we recommend Akhira Agency:

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Inside the restaurant are many cultural artifacts and photographs on the wall. Hanging from the ceiling are religious good luck charms originating from Thailand. The cosy eatery has a dark setting with tables placed at comfortable distances. For groups up to 20 people there is a separate dining area that still forms part of the main restaurant, but is yet slightly aside for a little more privacy.
The menu at Me Naam Naan consists of a variety of soups, starters and main courses. Their set menus are priced at 28.95 euro per person for a minimum of two people. Most typical to the Thai kitchen and home cooking are the ‘Shrimp Cookies’ and Thai Chicken Curry, eaten traditionally with rice. At Me Naam Naan, the ‘Kai Himmaphaan’ is a sought after delectable made from chicken, cashews, dried chili peppers and vegetables for only 14.95 euro.
Complimenting the authenticity of this restaurant you will find the waiters dressed complete in traditional Thai clothing. During your visit you may also expect to hear Thai music playing softly in the background. To avoid disappointment it is advised to reserve your table in advance.
For an exquisite meal at exceptional prices, Me Naam Naan provides the ideal location and ambience to make your visit as satisfactory as can be.


Near the busy Nieuwmarkt, Me Naam Naan is an unpretentious Thai restaurant with candles, reddish walls and wooden floors. Go here for a romantic Thai dinner. No one will find you here. The food is very Thai, prepared for you by an all Thai staff. The food is good. Credit card or cash. There is a separate section for groups. Also take away. Closed on Monday.


Had a great Thai meal, with very attentive waiters, in a lovely setting and ambiance. Not too big of a restaurant which adds to the atmosphere!
16-04-2010 - fijnproever42 | bron:


Thai restaurant Me Naam Naan is located just of the Nieuwmarkt area in the centre of Amsterdam. It is a small cosy restaurant and probably one of the best kept secrets of the local people. very crowded with many locals they serve authenthic Thai food with delices curries and amazing whole fish. MMMMMM!
06-07-2006 | bron:


Very good
05-08-2006 - Bas | bron:


Close to Nieuwemarkt is restaurant Me Naam Naan serving Thai specialties five years running. Much like its sister restaurant Song Kwae, Me Naam Naan uses fresh ingredients with authentic spices and curry imported from Thailand. With its intimate ambience, Me Naam Naan is designed so you may dine at ease, making a night of your visit.


Thai restaurants can be found all over Amsterdam. Here is a selection of the best. Me Naam Naan Koningsstraat 29, 020 4233344 This restaurant, located in the Nieuwemarkt area, is popular amongst locals. The interior is decorated with many photos and objects and the waiters are dressed in traditional clothing. It's not all cosmetic though - the food is very popular, as is the service. There are a number of dishes available, and set menus are just under 30 Euros per person. It is advisable to reserve in advance as this place gets busy.


Amsterdam is full of wonderful Asian restaurants, and has some of the best Thai restaurants you'll find in all of Europe. But for what some consider the very best Thai food in town, you have to stop by Amsterdam's Me Naam Naan Thai Restaurant. Located in central Amsterdam at Koningsstraat, just off the Nieuwemarkt, Me Naam Naan Thai Restaurant has in the past been something of a well-kept secret. Frequented mostly by locals, not many tourists even knew it was there. But as Me Naam Naan's reputation for great food and service grows, this Amsterdam Thai restaurant is becoming more and more popular with visitors to Amsterdam. If you're looking for a fancy-looking place to have a romantic dinner, this isn't it. A small, cozy little restaurant, Me Naam Naan gets very crowded and loud during the busiest mealtimes, and it can be hard to get a table, much less a quiet one for two. If you do get a table, the first thing you'll notice is thedecoration— the walls are covered in photos and Thai statues and decorations, and even the waiters are traditionally "decorated;" all are wearing traditional Thai robes that don't seem to get in the way of providing the efficient, friendly service the restaurant is famous for.
But a visit to Me Naam Naan is, of course, about the food. While they serve terrific seafood dishes and wonderful whole fish, the true test of a quality Thai restaurant is always in how they prepare the simplest of Thai dishes, such as Pad Thai, Tom Yam Koong, or Green Curry. Here, these dishes are up to a standard you might find in Thailand— not a container of ketchup or bottled sauce in sight. For being one of the best Thai restaurants in all of Amsterdam, Me Naam Naan is relatively inexpensive. While you can order a la carte, they have many set menus for around €30 including drinks and dessert. It does get crowded, so be sure to call ahead to make a reservation, especially if you plan on going on a Friday or Saturday night. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.


There are so many Thai restaurants in Amsterdam, it's difficult to keep track of them all. But here's one you won't soon forget, Me Naam Naan, located just off the Nieuwemarkt. A friend recommended this place, and I'm glad she did. It seems the Dutch have been keeping this little gem a secret. We were very fortunate that we arrived earlier because all the other tables were already booked, and our whole meal was punctuated by new arrivals being told there were no tables available. Most of the customers, who were Dutch seemed to know this place fills up fast, and were consequently unperturbed.
I love Thai food having spent a few months there back in the 80s. And the more authentic the better. This means making your own curry pastes and using fresh ingredients, not dried. This place is not only authentic, but better than any I've found in Amsterdam. The true test of a good Thai restaurant is how well they excute the most common dishes, like Tom Yam Koong (Shrimp soup with lemongrass) Pad Thai (rice noodles) and Red Curry. Well this place does these standards so well, I could find no fault. In fact I was amazed to discover they could be done like this. I guess I'm jaded since so many Thai places adulterate these fine dishes with canned pastes or tomato ketchup. Not here. The food is refined, the service was good (suprise!) and the waiters were quite the exotic vision dressed up in traditional, yet elegant Thai fashions. And best of all the price was quite reasonable for such quality food and service.